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All have been laid to rest, all expect memories. Throughout the years, shinobi - men and women - have learned how to preserve the memories of thousand of great shinobi that have lived, and then have passed. Though, they never managed to gain the memories of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke. These three ninjas are wildly known as the Three Heroes of the world. They are the mirror images of their legendary Sannin teachers, and touched everyone's life in some sort of way. Their memory though has been scattered across the world, and the pieces of their chakra find themselves locked away in certain men and women, wildly known as the Kages of today. They are the shadows and guardians of today's new era, and they seem to wait for something to happen. They await for Madara Uchiha to return, the Fourth Shinobi War had been created by none ever than Obito Uchiha, Kakashi's old friend whom he thought had died. In this war, numerous men and women died trying to protect all that they thought was right and true, in the end - Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had perished by giving up their lives to kill Madara and Obito Uchiha. Their chakra awoken a sleeping God, whom took the combined power of the ten bijuu, kurama and the eight tailed bijuu's life source and basically recreated life anew. These memories however, are gone, and cannot be recreated or found in any memory book, or even in text. This story is being told through the combined chakra fragments of the Legendary Heroes that each Kage takes upon their death and inserts into a crystal fragment. However, life as everyone now knows, is finally changing. Kazengakure and Hyozangakure had finally came to an agreement of forming a grand alliance between their villages, rumored that they were related by distant cousins, this alliance would be greater than any had ever seen. The day of the treaty being signed, and thus the festival on the island of Heiwa, a new danger had awaken that day. The Sage of Six Paths was unable to keep a dark entity in slumber from the grave and beyond; a new five tailed bijuu - the Hydra - had awoken. In a fit of rage and unknown, the Hydra destroyed half of the festival grounds, killing more than five thousand civilians and shinobi alike. The Bijuu set it's eyes on the building where the witnessing six kages were located, and destroyed the entire building. Three months had passed, and Sannins of each village filled the spots of the Kages, as many hoped that one day there would be news that someone had survived the attack. Only the Hyozangakure's kage had returned, apparently unaware of what happened. Because of this, many of the villages have returned hostile towards each other, many blaming Hyozengakure for the attack that killed each of the Kage's. Slowly, men and women of each village are elected to fill the Kage spots of each of the village, alliances are being forged and mended. But can anyone form a great alliance to take down Hydria, and once again, scatter all of the tailed beasts across the world?

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Elicit Content may be used on this site, it is advised that you proceed with caution. We hope you have a great time role playing, from your Staff of Naruto Crisis, ENJOY!

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We the staff of NC2.0, have no full ownership of the naruto franchise. The site is nothing but a fan based, RPG.  Applications, clans, characters, ect belong to those of the users, do not steal them for that is fully illegal.  Skin is created by Kon and Alexx, and widgets are as well. Imaging and Coding copyrighted by Kon, Trilby of Naruto Saga, and Alexx. Imaging designed by Alexx

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Da lil' pimp of bout 9 muthafuckin yearz of age stood forth, facin tha wack,weathered ghetto wit a funky-ass blank expression, his cold-ass true emotion not a god damn thang but anxiousnizz bout what tha fuck was ta come, as earlier up in tha week he had issued a hood wide challenge ta every last muthafuckin muthafucka whoz ass was playa enough ta grill his muthafuckin ass yo. Dude had gotten his handz on seven real kunai blades all up in some questionable means, though dat was a rap fo' another day, n' another muthafuckin thang dat he could brag bout ta tha other thugz of tha academy fo' realz. Any fool dat would challenge tha pimp would be up in fo' a nasty surprise, as tha pimp was prepared like well fo' tha situation at hand, as his blades was justice, n' justice held no relations wit greed n' deceit. If a gangbangin' foe was ta come tha fuck into view of tha lil' playa he would be defeated by justice, as tha pimp held one of his thugged-out lil' purveyorz of justice, locked n loaded ta let live n' let justice fly if tha need was ta arise. That foe could be a fuckin shitload of different foes, n' as such, there could be nuff different projections from which tha battlez would play up yo. His foe could be a gangbangin' future shinobi, just peepin' ta live within tha ghetto of life. Or it could be a funky-ass battle hardened shinobi of tha middle aged generation of humanity. It could even be some haggard, oldschool slubberdegullion. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. It could be some debauch wench, wishin ta misconstrue his noble cause yo. Dude honestly knew his wild lil' fuckin enemy like foe would be tha future though yo. Humanitizzle was disgusting, n' as such, he would have ta prove his dirty ass against tha masses n' find comfort up in his own abilities. This would be instant up in nature n' up in physical form n' caused tha pimp ta prepare his dirty ass menstrually fo' what tha fuck was ta come yo. His justice dat was bound ta conformitizzle yo, but also ta tha opposite of such a silly noble teaching, was but a cold-ass lil contradiction of ideals dat would, fo' tha second time, fly towardz tha future, never faltering, never meetin resistizzle of any way, shape, and form. Da pimp stood at bout four feet tall, around average fo' his thugged-out age, n' he weighed up in at a ghettofab sixty poundz fo' realz. A bit skinny yo, but he could make due wit what tha fuck he had, n' what tha fuck he had though, was wits n' game yo. Dude could most likely defeat any of tha other silly academy students up in a funky-ass bout of combat but decided ta hide his cold-ass true abilitizzles away, up in order ta protect his dirty ass if he had ta defend his dirty ass yo. Dude stood waitin fo' a cold-ass lil challenger ta appear.
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