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NU:Modern Shinobi Tactics  Plot-

All have been laid to rest, all expect memories. Throughout the years, shinobi - men and women - have learned how to preserve the memories of thousand of great shinobi that have lived, and then have passed. Though, they never managed to gain the memories of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke. These three ninjas are wildly known as the Three Heroes of the world. They are the mirror images of their legendary Sannin teachers, and touched everyone's life in some sort of way. Their memory though has been scattered across the world, and the pieces of their chakra find themselves locked away in certain men and women, wildly known as the Kages of today. They are the shadows and guardians of today's new era, and they seem to wait for something to happen. They await for Madara Uchiha to return, the Fourth Shinobi War had been created by none ever than Obito Uchiha, Kakashi's old friend whom he thought had died. In this war, numerous men and women died trying to protect all that they thought was right and true, in the end - Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had perished by giving up their lives to kill Madara and Obito Uchiha. Their chakra awoken a sleeping God, whom took the combined power of the ten bijuu, kurama and the eight tailed bijuu's life source and basically recreated life anew. These memories however, are gone, and cannot be recreated or found in any memory book, or even in text. This story is being told through the combined chakra fragments of the Legendary Heroes that each Kage takes upon their death and inserts into a crystal fragment. However, life as everyone now knows, is finally changing. Kazengakure and Hyozangakure had finally came to an agreement of forming a grand alliance between their villages, rumored that they were related by distant cousins, this alliance would be greater than any had ever seen. The day of the treaty being signed, and thus the festival on the island of Heiwa, a new danger had awaken that day. The Sage of Six Paths was unable to keep a dark entity in slumber from the grave and beyond; a new five tailed bijuu - the Hydra - had awoken. In a fit of rage and unknown, the Hydra destroyed half of the festival grounds, killing more than five thousand civilians and shinobi alike. The Bijuu set it's eyes on the building where the witnessing six kages were located, and destroyed the entire building. Three months had passed, and Sannins of each village filled the spots of the Kages, as many hoped that one day there would be news that someone had survived the attack. Only the Hyozangakure's kage had returned, apparently unaware of what happened. Because of this, many of the villages have returned hostile towards each other, many blaming Hyozengakure for the attack that killed each of the Kage's. Slowly, men and women of each village are elected to fill the Kage spots of each of the village, alliances are being forged and mended. But can anyone form a great alliance to take down Hydria, and once again, scatter all of the tailed beasts across the world?

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Elicit Content may be used on this site, it is advised that you proceed with caution. We hope you have a great time role playing, from your Staff of Naruto Crisis, ENJOY!

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We the staff of NC2.0, have no full ownership of the naruto franchise. The site is nothing but a fan based, RPG.  Applications, clans, characters, ect belong to those of the users, do not steal them for that is fully illegal.  Skin is created by Kon and Alexx, and widgets are as well. Imaging and Coding copyrighted by Kon, Trilby of Naruto Saga, and Alexx. Imaging designed by Alexx

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 NU:Modern Shinobi Tactics

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The fourth great ninja war, the most devastating wars and gargantuan that is never declared. And today it is only a vast and distant memory but having its weight loss and mutilated. Villages, their ninja and villagers were able to recover from this fall as much psychologically as physically, though they suffered temporary effects. Tears, despair, suicide attempts, loneliness. Each of these words have played a rather painful for everyone, but today, the majority were able to move forward in order to honor this distinguished generation that sacrificed itself for peace. A peace that until today, ten years and few months after the war, was very stable but there is always an element of destabilization. The only villages that were able to survive the destruction of said war were Konohagakure and Suna and few other lesser countries. All of the Shinobi that went to the battle fields and all of the characters we know are now dead. It's time for the new Shinobi generation to reign and choose its destiny.

The ninja world has changed vastly over the past 30 years. New technology, new jinchuriki, and a change in the amount of villages. As Obito and Madara were using The First Hokage's DNA to control the Ten-Tails, the Ten-Tails started to resist control. Obito convinces Madara to let him be the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. Obito eventually seals the Ten-Tails inside of his body and he becomes the jinchuriki of it.

Obito being jinchuriki gave him god-like power that he used to reflect his Mangekyō Sharingan on to the moon, the prison of the Ten-Tails' body, and shroud the world in an "Infinite Tsukuyomi" (無限月読, Mugen Tsukuyomi). This scheme would resulted in Obito's ability to manipulate every living creature, ceasing all conflict by purging free will itself from the world.

Eventually Obito died of old age though, and the ridiculous power of the Ten-Tails. The Ten-Tails was once again released onto the world. The ninja have been fighting the Ten-Tails for a year now. The numbers of ninja dying are immeasurable.

The Ten-Tails have destroyed three villages, leaving Konohagakure and Sunagakure left. Most ninja from the other three villages have died, and some have just moved to the last two surviving villages.

The old generation of ninja are having a hard time defeating the Ten-Tails. Even Killer-B and Naruto are struggling. They can't do it alone...and now it is time for a new generation of ninja to shine! A new era, with new ninja, new powers, new technology, new discoveries, and much more! This...is....the....Naruto Universe....

The Mustafarians believed they was Superior to the Geonosisian Race. They rage war with them in conquest to take over the planet. This war took place for over a hundred years and is still raging on today.

So far the Mustafarians are winning. They are steady enslaving the Geonosisian Race. The free Geonosisian Race had took refugee in the Hidden Volcano Ruins (Kazangakure Ruins). The Hidden Volcano Ruins (Kazangakure Ruins) had been the battle grounds for a century.

The Geonosian often visited earth. There they taught the earthlings all sorts of secretes of the universe they had also created androids to protect the humans. The androids lived with the humans for ages.

Both races had felt the power of the Ten tailed bijuu or other wise known as the Juubi. Afraid of it's power the Mustafarians race off to enslave the earth and destroy the threat to the universe. Each race knew the power of the Juubi.

The Coruscantians are the oldest race in the universe they traveled for years to other plants posing as gods and teaching jutsu. They are believed to be the creators of jutsu. They taught all the races how to use jutsu and chakra. Some believe it was the Coruscantians that created the bijuu on earth.

The coruscantians often visit earth to be wroth-ship and adored by the humans. It had been over 500 years till their last visit on the planet earth. But they sense the power of the Juubi be unleashed. The Coruscantians prepare to aid the humans.

The Bijuuians are mysterously created on coruscant and goes on a wild killing spree. They attack the Coruscantians in their villages. The Bijuuians unaware of their maker scense the power of the juubi and wish to connect with it and serve it.

Ambition, Passion, Determination, among but a few of the qualities we look for on the Naruto Universe RolePlay (NURP). NURP is a relatively new RP based within the same timeline as the Naruto Manga/anime series though in an alternate universe. There has been a lot of time and preparation put into this forum but it is now finally open to join, staff members are active and will be more than glad to aid new members to the forum until the point that they know how everything works. Novice RPers as well as Advanced are all welcome as the content will be suitable for all.

Be the next legend of the Naruto Universe Community by taking advantage of all the content customization available to you in assistance towards your overall goal. Once you join you will have the ability to create the strongest of all jutsu or simply upgrade weaker ones, produce powerful equipment and weapons as well as establish you own great organization.Watch as your character growers stronger and stronger from battles, missions and experiences in the Naruto Universe world. Gain rewards from joining Plot or Event related mission and be part of the much larger picture. Although plot and event mission are the best ways of being part of plot effecting occurrences you will also be able to act freely as you wish, maybe decide to overthrow a village Kage though not recommended without powerful acquaintances.

[What Are We Offering You]

  • One of the greatest RPing experiences
  • A well made, clean and simple layout that will allow you to easily get deeper in our community
  • Friendly and Experienced Staff
  • Plot made by members
  • Constant Events & Competitions
  • Space Ninjas

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NU:Modern Shinobi Tactics
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