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All have been laid to rest, all expect memories. Throughout the years, shinobi - men and women - have learned how to preserve the memories of thousand of great shinobi that have lived, and then have passed. Though, they never managed to gain the memories of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke. These three ninjas are wildly known as the Three Heroes of the world. They are the mirror images of their legendary Sannin teachers, and touched everyone's life in some sort of way. Their memory though has been scattered across the world, and the pieces of their chakra find themselves locked away in certain men and women, wildly known as the Kages of today. They are the shadows and guardians of today's new era, and they seem to wait for something to happen. They await for Madara Uchiha to return, the Fourth Shinobi War had been created by none ever than Obito Uchiha, Kakashi's old friend whom he thought had died. In this war, numerous men and women died trying to protect all that they thought was right and true, in the end - Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had perished by giving up their lives to kill Madara and Obito Uchiha. Their chakra awoken a sleeping God, whom took the combined power of the ten bijuu, kurama and the eight tailed bijuu's life source and basically recreated life anew. These memories however, are gone, and cannot be recreated or found in any memory book, or even in text. This story is being told through the combined chakra fragments of the Legendary Heroes that each Kage takes upon their death and inserts into a crystal fragment. However, life as everyone now knows, is finally changing. Kazengakure and Hyozangakure had finally came to an agreement of forming a grand alliance between their villages, rumored that they were related by distant cousins, this alliance would be greater than any had ever seen. The day of the treaty being signed, and thus the festival on the island of Heiwa, a new danger had awaken that day. The Sage of Six Paths was unable to keep a dark entity in slumber from the grave and beyond; a new five tailed bijuu - the Hydra - had awoken. In a fit of rage and unknown, the Hydra destroyed half of the festival grounds, killing more than five thousand civilians and shinobi alike. The Bijuu set it's eyes on the building where the witnessing six kages were located, and destroyed the entire building. Three months had passed, and Sannins of each village filled the spots of the Kages, as many hoped that one day there would be news that someone had survived the attack. Only the Hyozangakure's kage had returned, apparently unaware of what happened. Because of this, many of the villages have returned hostile towards each other, many blaming Hyozengakure for the attack that killed each of the Kage's. Slowly, men and women of each village are elected to fill the Kage spots of each of the village, alliances are being forged and mended. But can anyone form a great alliance to take down Hydria, and once again, scatter all of the tailed beasts across the world?

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 Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo

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PostSubject: Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo   Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:33 am

Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo


    name ;; Kuro Shikyo
    nickname ;; Psychosis
    title ;; The Fear Sannin
    age ;; 21
    gender ;;
    sexuality ;; bisexual


    height ;; 5'8"
    weight ;; 198 lbs
    body type ;; Average
    eye colour ;; [colour] Kuro: Blue with slices of green and spots of brown.
    Psychosis: Dark Gray
    hair colour & style ;; Black, curly midlength
    appearance ;; Kuro has large and dense bones, making him look larger than normal. Kuro has Irish skin, meaning he is pale and does not tan. He has many freckles, making him look a bit childish compared to others. Under his eyes are gray areas from lack of sleep. Kuro wears glasses when not on missions, as he has problems with his eyesight. His hair is a dark brown in the summer, but black the rest of the year, due to the increased light in the summer. Kuro does not look muscular, however to doubt his abilities would be a foolish thing to do. Kuro has snake-like fangs, which do not escape his mouth, but allow for him to use the Chioodora jutsu easier. Kuro often wears a mask, armor, and a hood, when in battle.
    markings ;; Kuro has a tattoo on his forehead.


    likes ;; Snakes, science, friendly people, snow, challenges
    dislikes ;; bullies, impossibilities, arrogance, losing, himself
    talents ;; Beyond genius intellect, selective sociopathy, and muscle control
    fails ;; Shyness, low self-esteem, uncontrolled anger
    persona ;; Kuro, in non-battle situations, is a shy and meager man, not appearing for major social interactions, preferring seclusion to interaction. Ever since his mother's death, he has had no interaction with his family, claiming they are no longer his family. Kuro has a deep hatred for his blood father, who is a drunk who abused his mother before he was born. Kuro strangely does not hate drunks, unless they are the bad kind he says his father is. Kuro has low self esteem, from his childhood years. Kuro knows he is a genius, but often doubts his abilities as a ninja, mostly due to overthinking solutions to past problems and seeing how he couldve easily avoided problems. Kuro is shy and timid, not knowing how to deal with most social situations.

    In the same instance, if Kuro chooses, he can switch his personality to "Psychosis" a secondary personality created from his childhood experiences. This persona is cold, uncaring, and sadistic, taking pleasure in the pain of others. Psychosis is just as intelligent as Kuro, but in a different way. While Kuro will look for a peaceful solution, Psy will look for a way to cause even more pain for anyone who crosses him. He is not above pulling tricks and psychological manipulation to capture his victims. Psychosis often smiles a sadistic and cruel smile, showing how little he values human life.

    In both personalities, he is intelligent and calculating. His trust is hard to gain, but harder to lose. In most small situations he will not lose his anger over anything, but anything done to those he trusts and likes will warrant his intense wrath. He, having low self-esteem, thinks more of his friends than himself. His intelligence also makes him overestimate other people's intelligence. He is able to understand most things with ease, allowing him an incredible understanding of all sciences.
    motto ;; "You know how they say the only thing to fear is Fear itself? Well... Here I am!"


    rank ;; Sannin
    elements ;; Lightning, Water, Fire
    specialty ;; All (clan)
    clan ;; Shikyo


    village ;; Sukaigakure
    parents ;; Dead
    siblings ;; Unknown
    mentor & idols ;; Shiryuu
    history ;; The generation before Kuro was not a kind one. Kuro's grandmother was a deceitful woman. She was kind to all but one of her children, Kuro's mother. Kuro's mother, Hakuma, had a hard childhood, hating her family, especially her sister. Surprisingly, she did not grow up hateful. She married three years after coming of age, 18. Unfortunately, the man she married died before their child was born. The child was Kuro's first sister, Akumi. After another few years, Hakuma had a child with another man, who left right after the baby was born. The baby was Kuro's second sister, Kari. It was a while longer before Hakuma remarried. Unfortunately the man she married was a drunk, who beat her. Their first child together was a boy, Kuro's first brother, Kaiseki. Another child was born later, Kuro's youngest brother, Horaito. It was five more years before Kuro was born. A few months after that, their father was beating Hakuma when she finally retaliated. She actually broke a cast iron skillet over his head, sending him to the hospital. After that, a divorce was obvious.

    At the divorce, Hakuma's sister was able to convince the court that both parents were unable to provide for the children, taking them in for herself. Kuro's very first full memory happened when he was walking in the living room. Surprisingly, that instant has been embedded in Kuro's memory his entire life, despite its lack of importance. Kuro's aunt was younger than his own mother, but did not appear it. She constantly made the children do various chores, chores which children under ten had no business doing out of safety. When Kuro was five, his mother finally won back custody, after three years of fighting in court.

    When Hakuma finally got her children back, she had to work most of the day. Fortunately, she managed to get good paying jobs to support her family. After a while, Akumi left, as she had become of age. About three months later, Hakuma married again, this time to a man named Kai. Kai had heart problems, and was older than Hakuma, but was a good man. Kai eventually had a widow maker heart attack, but survived. After that, Kari left home, having become of age. After that, Kaiseki nearly attacked Hakuma, if not for Kai stopping him. Kaiseki left with bitter emotions to the rest of his family.

    After that, Kuro started the ninja academy. In the academy, Kuro was picked on viciously, mostly thanks to his social problems. He did not know how to behave in social situations, thus giving him problems with school. Kuro, fortunately, was mature for his age, getting along with the teachers more than the students. Kuro was bullied, but the academy couldnt do anything without proof. Horaito tried to take Kuro under his wing, but failed due to the difference in age. When Horaito was sixteen he moved in with their grandmother. Kuro was left with angry feelings with all of his family aside from his mother and step father.

    At that time, Kuro's inherited anger began to emerge, causing the bullying to become worse and worse. Kuro had a few small friends in that time, but each of them betrayed him due to conformity. Kuro eventually began to believe that he was really what others said. His self esteem problems originated from there. He began using "masks", so to speak, to keep himself from feeling the emotional pain of being bullied. Kuro eventually graduated with the rest of his class.

    He managed to get a decent team and take the chuunin exam test two years after becoming gennin. He was nothing special really, mostly using tactics and taijutsu to beat his opponents. After he became chuunin he began to gain his abilities that his father had passed down. The Origin Curse Seal. With it, he developed a controlled second personality, Psychosis. After that, he became one of the most well known chuunin in Sukaigakure.

    It took him only a single year as chuunin to become jounin. He then mastered his curse seal even more, so that he could fully change, instead of the humanoid changes of the normal users. Kuro eventually became sannin after defeating an S ranked missing ninja who had tried to kidnap a child of a noble family. Kuro spared the man's life, only to send him straight to the torture chambers. From that man, Kuro learned of a theory on chakra control and blood digestion that would let one copy a bloodline by drinking the blood of a bloodline holder. Kuro spent a few months trying to perfect the technique and has finally done so.

lyrics belong to nickelback - this means war.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo   Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:49 pm

Put your jutsu in another topic


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PostSubject: Re: Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo   Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:00 pm

Approved 1/2


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PostSubject: Re: Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo   Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo   

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Kuro "Psychosis" Shikyo
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