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All have been laid to rest, all expect memories. Throughout the years, shinobi - men and women - have learned how to preserve the memories of thousand of great shinobi that have lived, and then have passed. Though, they never managed to gain the memories of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke. These three ninjas are wildly known as the Three Heroes of the world. They are the mirror images of their legendary Sannin teachers, and touched everyone's life in some sort of way. Their memory though has been scattered across the world, and the pieces of their chakra find themselves locked away in certain men and women, wildly known as the Kages of today. They are the shadows and guardians of today's new era, and they seem to wait for something to happen. They await for Madara Uchiha to return, the Fourth Shinobi War had been created by none ever than Obito Uchiha, Kakashi's old friend whom he thought had died. In this war, numerous men and women died trying to protect all that they thought was right and true, in the end - Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had perished by giving up their lives to kill Madara and Obito Uchiha. Their chakra awoken a sleeping God, whom took the combined power of the ten bijuu, kurama and the eight tailed bijuu's life source and basically recreated life anew. These memories however, are gone, and cannot be recreated or found in any memory book, or even in text. This story is being told through the combined chakra fragments of the Legendary Heroes that each Kage takes upon their death and inserts into a crystal fragment. However, life as everyone now knows, is finally changing. Kazengakure and Hyozangakure had finally came to an agreement of forming a grand alliance between their villages, rumored that they were related by distant cousins, this alliance would be greater than any had ever seen. The day of the treaty being signed, and thus the festival on the island of Heiwa, a new danger had awaken that day. The Sage of Six Paths was unable to keep a dark entity in slumber from the grave and beyond; a new five tailed bijuu - the Hydra - had awoken. In a fit of rage and unknown, the Hydra destroyed half of the festival grounds, killing more than five thousand civilians and shinobi alike. The Bijuu set it's eyes on the building where the witnessing six kages were located, and destroyed the entire building. Three months had passed, and Sannins of each village filled the spots of the Kages, as many hoped that one day there would be news that someone had survived the attack. Only the Hyozangakure's kage had returned, apparently unaware of what happened. Because of this, many of the villages have returned hostile towards each other, many blaming Hyozengakure for the attack that killed each of the Kage's. Slowly, men and women of each village are elected to fill the Kage spots of each of the village, alliances are being forged and mended. But can anyone form a great alliance to take down Hydria, and once again, scatter all of the tailed beasts across the world?

Elicit Content may be used on this site, it is advised that you proceed with caution. We hope you have a great time role playing, from your Staff of Naruto Crisis, ENJOY!

We the staff of NC2.0, have no full ownership of the naruto franchise. The site is nothing but a fan based, RPG.  Applications, clans, characters, ect belong to those of the users, do not steal them for that is fully illegal.  Skin is created by Kon and Alexx, and widgets are as well. Imaging and Coding copyrighted by Kon, Trilby of Naruto Saga, and Alexx. Imaging designed by Alexx

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 Tetsujin, Rafael (WIP)

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PostSubject: Tetsujin, Rafael (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 5:36 pm

"My grandfather told me of a very special person."

    Name: Rafael
    Middle: Xethas
    Surname: Tetsujin
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Overall Appearance:
    Overall Persona: A person that likes to play around more than be serious, he is usually somebody who plays with the people he is fighting rather than actually fight with them. He does however take great pride in his abilities, and is known for his exceptional physical abilities. However, he often comments that he is not a prodigy on this subject and is more a trainer, knowing the means of hard work. He isn't above using his abilities to gain him fortitude or using status in order to do something easier, though he is also unafraid to do anything of difficulty, making him agreeable with options. Usually, he is courageous, though smart not to run into a battle. He loves to have a fight, having a large smirk each time he can use his skills whether it is a life-or-death situation or a spar, he does so with full power. Laziness, does happen to linger around him, when not truly motivated. He is also someone who thinks that he should devote his entire life into beating someone, thus he isn't one to hold many grudges. He is also not above flirting, though is usually known for being corny when trying to woo females.

    Fears: Finnik fears death, who doesn't fear that? Finnik is fabulous fighter, and if his worst fear is losing one. He fears losing, More then anything, Even death. He also fears losing to his brother, which happens all the time. He always wanted to be ahead of his brother, Always.

    Likes: Rafael likes to have a fight. He didn't like too, but when he learned about his brother, and tried to get ahead of him, he found a liking to it. He likes winning. Whenever he wins, he gains a smirk on his face, te reason knowing that nhe's closer to getting ahead of his brother. He also likes being in charge of something, since he can order everone around, and have some power for once.

    Dislikes: Rafael dislikes a lot of things. He dislikes killing others, He just wants to give them a warning. Like, knocking them out or something of that sort. He dislikes kaguya's, who doesn't like people that can make a forest of bone? He also dislikes his own blood coming out, he never wants to see himself bleed, because he knows it'll lead to losing.

    Catch Phrase: N/A

I.D. U N K N O W N

"Sad thing is, they weren't very important when starting out.."

    Rank: Chuunin
    Bloodline: Tetsujin
    Elements: (Genin- 1 Jonin - 2 ANBU/Kage - 3) Note: You may only have an advanced Element if it is part of your clan or have 2 admin's approvals.
    Specialization: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Weaponry

B L O O D . T Y P E

"He was from a rare family, I don't think they exist."

    Name: Tetsujin
    Clan Type: (Citizen, Shinobi, Royal, etc.)
    Kekkei Genkai: Ha no me, Aoi burēdo• mūn, Kyūkyoku no burūburēdo-me
    Clan Element: Blue Blade Power
    Clan History: Long ago, during the war for civilization, two tribes went head to head for territory. One tribe was known to be masters in the art of swordsmanship and the other as masters in the art of stealth. They were the samurais and ninjas of the time, and though one side would end up winning, they would quickly find themselves in desperate need of supplies and food, which would cause a turn of tables. This back and forth between the clans caused a lot of casualties from both sides. To end the feud which would ultimately destroy both clans, the leaders of each clan would come to agreements to co-exist as equals. Upon their agreement they forged academies and shared each other’s tactics. Everything was quiet and the people lived together just fine. They would procreate and make the most interesting warriors. Up until the day a meteor smashed into their mountains, causing a two day earthquake. By the end of the quake the leaders agreed to retrieve the meteor. They would soon discover that this meteor was a source of a powerful blue chakra which eliminated a small percentage of their forces. Upon seizing the power, they sealed it within itself and attempted to cut pieces of it and surgically implant them into the chest of their strongest members. After being successful they used seals in order to tap into the power of the meteor shards within them. This gave them great power and mystery, but as time passed the warriors had to transplant the meteor to their children, who in result of their parent’s being hosts for the meteors would be born with meteor power already. This continued until they each started to bared multiple children . This clan became a powerful family but eventually the meteors began to die out and unfortunately so did the hosts. Fortunately the power of the meteors became embedded within the newer generation and with it , a new found power, Blue Blade Power.

P A S S E D & L E A R N E D

"He was strong, weapon and jutsu wise. Right?"

Elemental Jutsu[s]

    Jutsu Name:
    Japanese styled.
    Rank: E - S.
    Element: What Element?
    Type: What type is it?
    Description: Explain how it works.

Non-Elemental Jutsu[s]

    Jutsu Name: Japanese styled.
    Rank: E - S.
    Element: What Element?
    Type: What type is it?
    Explain how it works.


    Name: Commonly Japanese name.
    Rank: E - Weak - S - Strongest
    Fused Element: Does this weapon have a fused element to it?
    Sentences that describe the weapon.
    Origin: Mind explaining how this
    weapon came to your possession?


The Tunnel: It's amazing that you're actually starting to help out criminals. It's not the wisest to actually go to you but you at least give some protection. You have a place that is somewhat remote. people have some suspicion about it but really they dont question it unless they see that you're holding on a very dangerous criminal. It'll be wise to be cunning while trying to help your criminals

N O T . F O R G O T T E N

"Dad. You grew up with them, right? Mind telling me their story?"

    Birth Date: Winter
    Home Village/Current: Hyozangakure
    Parents: Unknown
    Siblings: Aiden Tetsujin (Brother) (Unknown Brother)
    Sensei / Role Model: N/A

© 2011 Ikeda Itō. All rights reserved, all pictures belong to their original owners. Quotes and Template out look curiosity of Ikeda Itō of : CRISIS 2.0

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsujin, Rafael (WIP)   Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:53 pm

This still being worked on?

We Kill and Fight by Stealth, We are the True Ninja within the Mist! We are the Seven Swordsmen!
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Tetsujin, Rafael (WIP)
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