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 Kiyoko Medic of the Iceburg.

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PostSubject: Kiyoko Medic of the Iceburg.    Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:21 pm



    name ;; Kiyoko Lotus Matsushita
    nickname ;; N/A
    title ;;N/A
    age ;; 27
    gender ;;
    sexuality ;; heterosexual


    height ;; Five feet Six Inches
    weight ;; 135 pounds
    body type ;; Curvy,well-toned
    eye colour ;; Dark Brown
    hair colour & style ;; Black,Long slightly curly
    appearance ;;

    Skin so pale yet it does not look sickly and it has a healthy glow with no blemishes,off color patches,or scars. Due to the fact she lives in a cold place where the sun hardly shows it's face and genetics, Kiyoko has this white skin color. The blood that runs in her body gives her skin a very light pink undertone so as to not give her a dead color. Because of the lack of fighting she does and her medical knowledge she has no scars, not does she have any other skin problems because of her somewhat healthy lifestyle.

    Lets start from the top shall we?

    Kiyoko has thick,dulling black hair. It has a healthy look to it, but due to stress and a few other factors it's losing it's youthful sheen. Having long hair that almost touches her waist Kiyoko puts her hair up in a tight neat bun when at work and going on missions, but any other time she leaves it down. Her hair curls a bit at the ends and it is pretty soft. Her father told her how pretty her hair was and said how sad it would be if she ever cut it, which is why she to this day would never do such a thing. She does very little to her hair other than washes it and styles it, often it has a strong scent of Jasmine. Her eyes are a Dark Brown, so dark it's actually been mistaken for a Black color. Framing her eyes are thick lashes and above her eyes are neat eyebrows that are a bit thick but shaped very nicely. Her eyes also happen to be wide set, meaning they are far apart from each other but not so far as to make her look odd. Going down from her eyes a bit you'll find a small nose, almost button like and very cute. Going down even more you'll also find her lips. Kiyoko's lips are soft to the touch because she keeps them moist not liking her lips cracked or dry which is what tends to happen in dry cold weather. Her lips are also small yet plump and a very pale pink. Just beneath her lips on the left side of her face there is a beauty mark.

    Below the neck....

    First off Kiyoko's body is very well managed as one would clearly see. Having a life as a ninja means you have to be in tip top shape. For most of her life she has trained hard enough to get a body that is slim yet toned and very lithe. Growing up though puberty and her overall DNA structure has given her a very voluptuous body. Standing at five feet and seven inches and weighing one hundred and forty five pounds Kiyoko is not your average woman. Her breast are double D's and are extremely soft and lush, being pregnant at one point actually bumped up her breast size and she's had them ever since. Kiyoko's abdimon is flat and well toned and one would never know she was actually with child at one point in her life. Her hips are a tad wide and her behind is something to look at, being round and thick. Her legs are long and she has very muscular calves, with well manicured toes and size six feet.

    Her usual clothing is something dark when she is outside, or a long white coat when she is working.
    When she is out on a mission she wears something standard.

    markings ;; N/A


    likes ;; Flowers,Drinking,Traveling,Helping Others,Flavorfull Foods
    dislikes ;; Death,Mindless violence,Bland Foods,Corruption,Being Alone
    talents ;; Medical Jutsu,Good Aim/Accuracy,Teaching Others
    fails ;; Hand to Hand Combat,Bad Genjutsu defense,Lack of sense of direction ( gets lost easily )
    persona ;;
    Kiyoko is well...Distant is probably the best word to describe her. Losing almost everything in her life Kiyoko refuses to become attached to anyone ever again. This is because she is purely afraid to lose another person that she has become close to. Kiyoko is not socially awkward no but she rather be alone than around others. She does not mean to come off as anything other than professional and she really means no harm when she speaks in a stoic tone or when she walks away from a person who is speaking to her ( unless it's on a mission or an order from a higher up .

    Life has been very hard on her, and everyone needs a way to cope. Unfortunately she copes with a bottle or more precisely a few bottles of something of the strong type. Drinking is her escape, and when she starts she usually does not stop until she has passed out. On the other hand though, it's the only way to open her up to any sort of conversation outside of her profession. After she has woken up from her drinking binge she tends to become remorseful and guilty, going right back into her distant and stoic ways.
    Because of her excessive drinking, Kiyoko is prone to forgetfulness, these are short term and she usually remembers sooner or later but it's someything that has caused her to be in trouble now and again.

    Never sugar coating the truth but being honest through and through is perhaps her greatest trait. She sees no reason to lie and would rather not do so herself. She finds that lying is more of a habit than anything else and bad habits are hard to break. To lose everything and only have your home is something that Kiyoko holds near and dear to her. To every life in the village she feels responsible for as soon as they walk into the hospital, weather it be ninja,Citizen or otherwise. Her heart is actually a very big one and she has the softest spots for children and animals. Her cold barrier will melt instantly at a children weather they be at play or in need of anything. This deeply stems from the fact she lost a child of her own and it walks with her everyday.

    When it comes to the opposite sex, Kiyoko closes herself off more so than with anyone else. It's not that she hates them, it's just the fact that she lost someone very close to her and is afraid that death may take away a potential partner if she were to let down her guard. She is like most women attracted to them though, but she won't let them in her heart in any way unless they have earned it.

    The cold place that she lives in does not provide Kiyoko with a small pleasure that she appreciates and makes her smile. Flowers are something she can't resist and often goes out of her way to search for them. She has maintained a man made garden that keeps them from cold and gives them light.
    Her liking for animals has also allowed her to have a few pets. They keep her happy...And really it's the simple things in life that do bring a smile to her face..Even if it's for a moment.
    motto ;; N/A


    rank ;; Jounin
    elements ;; Water,Lightning
    specialty ;; EIJUTSU,Sealing arts,Ninjutsu
    clan ;;N/A


    village ;; Hyozan
    parents ;; Yoko,Mother,Dead
    siblings ;; None
    mentor & idols ;; N/A
    history ;; Birth And The Younger Years

    Kiyoko was born in the middle of an unusual snowstorm. It was the middle of the night and in all actuality it was a bit to early for her to even be born...One month to early. Yet she was coming and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. Yoko ( Mother ) Was rushed to the hospital as soon as she uttered the words " My water." Nobu (Father ) Was very much prepared for this day, but he didn't think it would come so soon. Gently caressing his wife he rushed her to the hospital. When they got there Yoko was in quite a great deal of pain, her contractions were bad and that meant the baby was coming soon...Or so they thought..
    It was almost twenty-four hours before a sharp cry broke through the operating room...And out came a dark haired and very small baby girl.

    With life came the small child's first death, because as soon as it was all over....Yoko died. The doctor said it was from the pain,stress,and a multitude of other things. Nobu was devastated, but what could he do he had a responsibility now. It was up to Nobu to name his daughter, and he choose before even thinking a name fitting for someone born to a world of darkness and pain....Kiyoko, after her mother, and after the pure snow that fell down during her birth.

    Growing up Kiyoko was a curious and playful girl. Very respectful and eager to learn about all the things around her. Growing up without a mother didn't seem to phase her at all but questions about why she didn't have a mother did come up an awful lot. Nobu didn't know what t o say to her he didn't know how to tell the face of innocence that she died giving birth to her...So instead he would tell her smiling face.
    " Mother went to a place far away from home..."
    And Kiyoko was curios as she was asked where. and do ya know what Nobu said....He said this..
    " To a place where I will go...Where you will go...Where everyone goes one day...We can't go there now..Because it's not our turn..But trust me..You'll see her again..."

    Kiyoko still wanted to know where this place was, but thought it was better not to ask again because her fathers face looked really sad when he said those words. Her father would teach Kiyoko respect and drill it into her. He taught her the importance of the village and the importance of life itself. When Kiyoko was the proper age for the Academy, Nobu decided that he did not want his daughter to go. She was a frail child you see, being born prematurely set her back a bit on the physical part but her spirit was strong and she was brave. Keeping her back caused Kiyoko to become upset with her father because she would watch as her friends went to become ninja. While she had to stay and learn about herbs and medicine from a private teacher. Learning these things actually interested Kiyoko but she was upset that she could no long hang around the children she grew up with.

    One day while sitting outside, she heard the voice of her long ago friends. They were more like screams carried in the wind. Kiyoko didn't wait for a second and went rushing to the sounds. And when she got there a sad sight lay, one of the boys had a large gash on his leg and it seemed that his foot was slightly twisted. Not caring or asking what happened Kiyoko ran back to her house which thank goodness was not so far away and got the medical kit she received from her father. It had everything she needed and so she ran back. Tending to the gash was easy but the foot was another thing, there was no more time to run to the hospital and so she picked the boy up and carefully walked to her house. The boy was quite heavy but all Kiyoko was thinking about was getting him some help. The boy had long passed out probably from the pain. When Kiyoko got into the house she laid him down on the couch and called for her neighbor since her father had went out. Her neighbor quickly took the boy to the hospital with Kiyoko following by her side. She was very worried and not once wondered about how he got hurt and continued to worry about his safety. Upon entering the hospital she wanted to wait to see if he would come out alright. The doctor in charge had thanked Kiyoko and told her if it were not for her the boy would have been seriously hurt probably beyond repair. Kiyoko didn't know what to think, all she did was apply some ointment and bandage him up she didn't think to much of it and shrugged saying. " He was my friend...I had to make sure he was going to be ok."
    Kiyoko did however wait that day and until she was able to talk to him did she feel satisfied that he would be ok. Her father had picked her up and heard the details from the neighbor and began to see his daughter in a new light.

    A few weeks after that incident Nobu asked the Medical ninja if his daughter could watch and learn from them. He knew she did well when it came to medicine and such but he wanted to see if she had the control and chakra to excels in what he thought would be the start of her life. The medical ninja agreed and for three months straight she was put through medical training, it was like the Academy for a medical ninja so to speak. The medical ninja quickly found out that Kiyoko had wonderful control over her chakra and even better she was a fast learner and very eager. This made their job much easier and even allowed her to work with them on missions, this was of course a rare thing but it happened none the less. While working with the Medical ninja Kiyoko wanted to still become a ninja in rank but she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to the Medical field. Being around 14 at this time it was encouraged that she did this by many of the Medical ninja who had been teaching her. Going to her father with the idea she pointed out that she was a ninja by birth and it was her duty to serve her home land. How could he resist...He could not and allowed she be placed in the academy.

    Being older than those in the academy didn't upset Kiyoko at all and in fact she was well liked. All the other children looked up too her and would go to her for help. Kiyoko enjoyed the time she spent at the academy and when she graduated she was placed on a special team of Genin because of her medical expertise. This team was only special because of the fact that the missions they were assigned were a lot more....Advanced than what a genin is usually exposed to. They usually included spying, gathering info and on rare occasions taking out a few people. The team got along well...That is until their Sensei died.
    On that day when they received the news, all three of them were devastated. Kiyoko took this the hardest because she trained so hard to prevent the very thing that took away her sensei's life. She blamed herself for quite a while thinking that is she would have just been there he would have never died. But she could not be there, because he was sent on a mission that was his and his alone. The team stuck together but were distant, no one spoke to each other unless it was needed and only then. Given a new sensei and with the chunnin exams approaching it would seem that they would not be ready....But there was something brewing inside there hearts...And it did not look healthy..

    Chunnin,Childbirth And Marriage( Time to get lazy )

    The Chunin exams did come, and everyone on Kiyoko's team did a marvelous job at passing there exams. Kiyoko fought against a very strong opponent but in the end she still won....

    Winning the Chunnin exams did not just win her a title, it also won her the man she would fall in love with. This male's name was Kosuke, during his Chunnin exam fight with Kiyoko he saw something in her that he did not see in a lot of girls. In all actuality he could have won the fight, but he threw it because he didn't want to " Spoil such pure beauty." This being said he still put up a pretty tough fight at one point using all of his strength and hurting her pretty badly. She was good he knew this but not good enough to beat him which was fine. With her winning the fight it was his time to make his move. Kiyoko was getting a lot of praise especially from the medical team and her father. She was proud of herself and even her teammates seemed to have lightened up a bit. For a moment Kiyoko wanted to be alone to think about how far she had come and so she walked off not knowing she was being followed.

    As soon as Kiyoko was alone Kosuke saw his chance and took it. Making his presence known he began to introduce himself. This took Kiyoko by surprise but she decided there was no harm in talking. Kiyoko had learned that he didn't live to far from her and that he always wanted to talk to her but never got the chance because her father had turned him away Kiyoko had also learned that he was the boy she saved a long time ago..... Kiyoko was surprised at this but didn't understand why her father would do such a thing but brushed it off and continued to converse. Over time the two seemed inseparable when Kiyoko had the time, and when she didn't she would make some just for Kosuke. The two grew fond of each other and began a relationship together. Kiyoko was two years older than Kosuke but the age didn't matter and the two found they had similar interest and started a garden together. It was hard but the maintained something of a greenhouse out of the village and to a place where the sun shone a lot more. Taking trips to this green house gave them more of a relationship and for the first time Kiyoko knew what love felt like. Her heart would race every time she heard Kosuke's name, she could sense his presence when he was around, she knew his voice, how he walked, he scent....She knew his very essence and he knew hers.

    Their relationship was a secret to the world and this was too keep her father from knowing, but after three years they thought it was best to tell him. It was a nice cold day and the sun actually showed it's face, the two lovers waited at Kiyoko's house and talked until her father arrived. He was surprised to see them both when he walked in and was actually shocked. His eyes lowered and Kiyoko spoke first. She explained how they spoke after the Chunin exams and well got along well. Kiyoko also explained that they have been seeing each other ever since. Kosuke stood up and began to speak about how he loved Kiyoko and that she was the most Sweetest,Smartest and Beautiful person he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. This made Nobu happy, and he smiled at them both. He knew of Kosuke's interest in his daughter but he could never take it seriously. He allowed the two too be together and was happy that his daughter had found happiness.

    Being 19, a ninja, and in a relationship made life seem more wonderful. The two were happy with there lives and once Kiyoko had turned twenty Kosuke asked her hand in marriage. Kiyoko was over joyed at this and happily said yes. Once again Kiyoko and Kosuke brought this to her father, and he had no objections to it whatsoever. Kiyoko was happy buy Kosuke was suspicious, he had sisters and when they got married his ffather was very reluctant to let them go and he even tested them to see if they were good enough for his daughters. Kosuke knew something was up and took the time to have a man to man conversation with him. Kosuke had found out that Nobu was well dying slowly but surly and his time was coming soon. He didn't show any symptoms but it was true and he says that it was his time to go and to not inform his daughter. Kosuke would not have it, they both knew that Kiyoko was beyond talented and that she could help him. But Nobu made him promise not to tell and Kosuke would not make that promise though until he had gotten a reason why. Nobu almost chuckled but he gave in and told him how his wife had died giving birth to Kiyoko and how he wanted to be with his wife. Nobu went on to say how he was getting older and that Kiyoko would be fine with Kosuke. Kosuke didn't know what to say but he promised that he would keep quiet about the man's condition.

    Three years went by and Kiyoko was promoted to sp.jounin while Kosuke was promoted to jounin. She was working in the hospital and had been promoted thanks to her skill in the medical field. This didn't mean she slacked on her training on other things and when she had the time trained with Kouske. Day after day, month after month and year after year went by. The couple were very happy and nothing could make them more...But something did.
    One day as the two walked to their garden, Kiyoko spoke of a very interesting topic. She wanted children not too many but enough. Kosuke was in shock but not in a bad way because he thought the same thing. The moment they entered the garden no words were spoken with there mouths as they made love in a place where they put their hearts and souls into. Nine months later it was time....But something was wrong, very wrong...

    Kosuke had gone off on a very important mission so he could not be there, her father was already in the hospital on his own deathbed. Kiyoko was strong though and did her best to get through it. It took them a day to get the small child out, but there was a problem....The child was dead. This put poor Kiyoko over the edge, she has passed out from the pain,the stress, everything. She didn't wake up for a full day from exhaustion but when she did, she was faced with some more grave news. Waking up in tears and confused Kiyoko needed the comfort of Kosuke. She knew he was on a mission and hopped he would come back soon. Hungry but still very upset Kiyoko was in no condition for anymore bad news. The doctor came into the room with a very sad face, it was one of the people she worked with when she was younger. His face told her things she didn't want to hear, but she was tired and could not protest.
    The doctor informed her that the umbilical cord had chocked the child, and that it was not her fault. He also said that the Kage wanted to see her and that he was right outside. Kiyoko was very tired but nodded slowly and watched as the doctor left and kage entered. The man first apologized for her loss and apologized for the next bit of news that he had to give. Kiyoko started to cry because she knew one of two things would be said...Either her husband died or her father died. The kage spoke slowly and told her that Kosuke had died during his mission, he told her that she could take as much time as she needed and that there was no rush to return back to her duties. Kiyoko could not speak and all she did was nod.

    Kiyoko took four years before coming back into the world on the ninja, she stopped training and tended to her garden those many years. Her father's death a year later after her husband and child made it so she left the village to her greenhouse. The time alone was spent working with herbs and medicine and concentrating on making her medical skills better. She was tired of losing people close to her, she was tired of being hurt. After coming out of her confinement she was changed from the sweet loving person too a cold,strong,and silent individual with one task on her mind....To heal.

    Now 27 years old she works hard at the Hospital of her village, she goes on varies missions so that they may have a medic on hand. Because of her hard work and dedication she was promoted to Jounin upon her return to the village.

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Done finally
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check app for stamina and chakra


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Eh. I want my character back.
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Done I guess.
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1/2 Approved


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Kiyoko Medic of the Iceburg.
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